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Policy Work

Expertise/Technical Services 
  • I have had the privilege to serve as a consultant to government agencies such as Canada’s Department of National Defence, international organizations including the World Bank Group, Non-governmental organizations such as the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and Think Tanks like the Centre for International Governance Innovation. I am currently working with UN agencies and regional organizations to prevent electoral-related violence.

Sample Policy Work
  • Perspective from defence expert: Canadian Defence Policy Review (Department of National Defence 2016).

  • African Union in Search of Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi and Comoros, (Addis Ababa/Geneva:  African Union/Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, 2011), with David Francis. Translated into French, Arabic, and Kiswahili. 

  • The African Union’s Standby Force: Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy Options, (Ottawa: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade 2005), with Charles Burton and Kristiana Powell.

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